Showbox Not Loading errors | Fix Showbox App Not Working Errors

If you are a movie lover, then you must have had an introduction to Showbox application that is a dedication application for watching movies and TV shows.  It has many features that no other app of similar genre offers.  It is considered one of the topmost movie watching applications of the present time.  The developers every now and then come up with latest updates for the application making it stand out among other similar apps.  Though the app is very popular, it is not available for download in Google Play Store.  The application needs to be downloaded from its official web portal.  By clicking on the dedicated link, users can download the app to their device.

The app is a free one to download and occupies very less space on the device.  It is common for apps to get into trouble and show error messages.  The same goes with Showbox app as well.  The common error that pops up in Showbox is Showbox not working.  Here we are presenting the guide of solutions to fix Showbox not working error.  The app not only works on Android platforms but also for iOS platforms.

How to fix Showbox not working error?

Showbox app is one of the best entertaining apps in the market.  The app comes with basic and easily understandable User Interface.  It is very easy to operate app even it is the first time for the user to operate it.  Though there are many apps similar to Showbox app, it is the number one app with interesting features.  It is the best app to watch free movies and TV shows for free of cost and at good quality.  It is not possible for an app to be picture perfect.  Sometimes, errors pop up too.  Recently, few Showbox users have complained about some issues they have faced while using the app.  The common errors were video not found, server not available etc, which were solved instantly, but the most recent error that is confusing all the users of the app is “Showbox app not working”

When the error shows up, the app crashes immediately.  It gets difficult to start the app again and use it to watch movies.  So, we have to find a fix to address the error.

Fixes to solve Showbox App Not working problem

Update Showbox app

It is found out that the errors are occurring only in the older version of the app and the newer version with all the updates have nothing to do with the errors.  So, install the newer version of Showbox or update your existing app.  To do so, download the latest version of Showbox app and install it on your device.

Clear Cache

Another most possible reason for the occurrence of the error is due to overflowed cache.  So, the user must clear the cache by going to Settings>General>Application Manager>All Application or All>ShowBox>Clear Data>Clear Cache.  On clicking on Clear Cache button, all the unwanted data on the cache will be deleted.

This is how you fix the Showbox app not working error.  Hope it helped.

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