How to Clear Facebook Search History on Computer and Mobile [ Android & iphone ]

Facebook is fun however it is generally keeping a record of things we don’t even want. For example, if you searching for some other person on Facebook or seeing into someone’s account and you don’t need anyone else to find that out later. In cases like that, you need to clear your Facebook history. In this article, you will know how to see and erase your Facebook search history by using iPhone, Android, the browser on Windows PC.

Clear Facebook Search History:

All of your daily activities on Facebook are saved in activity log that can be simply accessible by you or by anyone with whom you share your device. You can able to see that Facebook activity log or if you wish to erase some of the activities from history, you can very easily do that.

How to Delete your Facebook Search History on PC Laptop:

Delete Facebook search history completely. You can Clear your Facebook search history on android, Laptops, and PC. Remove your Facebook search from the Facebook search bar.→First Log-in to your Facebook account with Username and Password.

→First Log-in to your Facebook account with Username and Password.

→Click on Facebook search bar.

→Then you will see your recent searches.

→Now, click on edit option.

How to Delete your Facebook Search History

→Then after it will take you to Facebook Search history.

→There you can see all your Facebook Search with Date and Time.

→Then Click on Clear Searches which is at the top right side.

Facebook Search History


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→Now, It will ask you either to Cancel or Clear Searches.

→Now Click on Clear Searches.

→ Then all your searches will be deleted from Facebook and you can’t see anything in your Facebook Search history.

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Clear Search History from Facebook iPhone, or Android App:

Method 1:

1) First open Facebook app on your iPhone,  or Android Phone and then login by using your username and password.

2) when you logged into Facebook, simplest method to clear search history is simply tap the search box which is at the top. This will show you the list of your recent Facebook searches. Then tap the Edit button available on that search history list.

Clear Search History from Facebook iPhone

3) This will now take you to Activity Log page where you can see all search history of your Facebook.

4) You can also remove the individual history item by tapping on the ‘x’ icon which is at the right-side of every entry. And if you want to delete all the history at once simply tap on the “Clear Searches” as which is shown below and then tap on “Confirm” button to make sure that you really want to remove history.


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