How to delete all emails from a specific sender in Gmail at Once

An email inbox folder or the email archive folder can soon get cluttered if you do not regularly delete the messages which will no longer require for you. Most email programs and the services allow you to delete the multiple emails from a particular sender at the one time. To delete the thousands of emails from a particular sender,  Then use the email applications Search bar function to display the messages, and then after choose and delete the items to purge the emails from your inbox or the other folders.

Delete all Emails from particular sender in Gmail:

  1. Enter the email address of your and the password to access to your Gmail account.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of your account, you will find a gear shaped ‘Settings’ icon. Click on the icon.                                      Delete all Emails from particular sender
  3. Now, for making a filter to sort all the email from a particular sender click on the  ‘Filter and block addresses’

delete all emails from a specific sender

  1. Then after, hit on the ‘Create a new filter’ button.
  2. Enter the email address of the sender in the ‘From field’ and in the ‘To Field’ enter me and click on the blue search icon.

Delete all Emails from particular sender in Gmail

→Now perform the search operation by hitting on the search icon in the bar. Within few seconds, the complete list of all the email from the mentioned email address was listed. Here, you can just select all of the emails you wish to delete and in the end hit on the Trash icon to dump them all in the bin.

→Please note that the page you viewed will list only 100 most recent emails from the sender. And if there are much more emails from the sender, they will be spread across the multiple pages.

→To delete all of them in one go, click on the ‘Select’ check box which is visible just adjacent to the Archive folder. The action is when confirmed will select all the 100 email message at once on the current page without selecting them individually.

→ The action might also sound an alert and display a message reading – “All the 100 conversations on this current page will be selected. choose all the conversation that matches this search“.

→To select all the emails hit on the “…Select all the conversation that matches this search“.  Finally, click on the ‘Trash’ icon.

Hope this helps you to keep your Gmail inbox clean.

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