How to Delete Music & Alblums from IOS8 Music App?

If you are not interested of listening the songs, or if your are downloaded the songs accidentally in your music app and you want to delete them from your iPhone or iPad ? As compared to IOS7, you should take one more step to delete music in IOS8 on your iPhone or iPad . For those who are suffering that you storage space is more in your iPhone or iPad IOS8, deleting the songs that you don’t want to listen will be helpful .

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The great thing about iPhone or iPad IOS8 music is you can download any track of songs from your collections and listen them whenever you want as long as if you have a data connection. It is benefit that we can delete any track on your phone if you want.

It might be boring to delete each and every song individually .Here is the few processes how to delete songs from music app in your iPhone or iPad IOS8.

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IOS8 Features:

Sending Last Location to Apple before Your Battery Dies:

If you lost your iPhone, this new feature helps your iPhone to send the last location of your iPhone to Apple before your battery dies. ICloud holds this information for almost 24 hours, but this new feature helps Apple to know last location information for a lost device for longer duration of time.

Credit Card Scanning:

In IOS8’s web browser, you can use the camera to scan the credit card number while making an online shopping instead of entering or typing your credit card number.


Swipe to delete albums:

In IOS8 there are some certain steps to delete albums from music app by swiping left .In IOS7 it is impossible to delete the songs from music app. Left swipe delete works deleting the songs and artists.

Deleting Songs from Music App in IOS8:

Step 1:

First open the music app. Then point to the song you want to delete which you are not interested to listen. Then by tapping on the bottom bar.

Delete Songs from IOS8 Music App

Step 2: Touch on the song you want to delete and let your finger to the left .a red box with delete option will appear and stay on the screen itself  and tap on delete button to delete the songs.

Deleting All Music from iPhone inIOS8:

Step1: First tap on setting icon

Step 2: Then next tap on general

Step 3: Now select the usage folder

Step 4: In the storage section, select the option manage storage

Step 5: Tap on music, you will see a heading titled “artists” with all your artists

Step 6: Tap on edit button in the upper right corner. It appears a red circle at left side of the artist.

Step 7:  Tap on the red circle the delete button will appear. Click on that delete button to delete the particular artist from your music app. Repeat this method until you want to delete the songs which you are not interested.

→ Using the above method you can delete specific album by tapping on edit button and repeating the process.

→You can also delete specific songs from a particular artist by clicking on that artist and then on the album and delete it by using above method.


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