How to Know if you are blocked on Whatsapp by some [ Explain all the possible ways to find out who blocked you on whatsapp ]

Whatsapp is a messaging app which allows users to communicate with the people over Internet data or Wi-Fi without paying anything for SMS. If you think that a user has blocked you, read this article for some indicators that might confirm your suspicions.

We have seen many ways to visualize for WhatsApp blocks however some of these ways are not conclusive. The method we will explain you in section 2, will tell you with confidence if you are blocked by someone in WhatsApp contacts list.

The first sign of WhatsApp blockage is “last seen at …”:

If someone has blocked you WhatsApp you will be no longer can able to view their “last seen at…” and their login information or the “online” indicator, which is located within the chat window. This is not conclusive because anyone can hide their  Last Seen Time on WhatsApp settings making it invisible for anyone in his contacts.

While all of those things are indications that you just have been blocked by someone. If you are not able to see the person’s “Last seen at…” information, it could also mean that they disabled it so that nobody can see it.

The second sign of WhatsApp blockage is “number of check marks …”:

Trying to send a message to any contact that you are been blocked and it will show only one check mark (meaning is that the message has been sent), however, the second check mark (which says you that your message has been delivered) won’t show up.

By seeing two check marks means that the message was sent and delivered to the person; if you do not see the two tick marks, the person never received the message at all, possibly because they have been blocked you.

The third sign of WhatsApp blockage  is “profile picture update”:

The contact you have been blocked profile picture doesn’t have any change .. If you have been blocked by someone in WhatsApp his / her profile picture change will not update on your screen (the same happens with status also). If you have a mutual friend that is not blocked by the person you would like to grasp if blocked you thus you will be able to verify it.

These are the first things people try when they are trying to know that they have been blocked by someone or not, however, they are not 100% conclusive. The next following methods are probably the most reliable ways to view that you have been blocked on someone’s WhatsApp.

Effective Method to view that if someone blocked you on WhatsApp:

 Method 1: add the contact to a group. If you get this message like this “you will be no longer an authorized person to add this contact”. It is sure that you are been blocked by this person.

Method 2: Get a new SIM card with a new number and try to add the person. If you see an another profile picture, and another status and if you begin a chat and then you see double tick marks you will get your final answer.


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