How to Recover Data from Virus Infected External Hard Disk

How to Recover Data from Virus Infected External Hard Disk Drive Easily

How to Recover Data from Virus Infected External Hard Disk

All of the computer users are very well aware of the term VIRUS. A virus is a computer program which is capable of destroying data or corrupt the system. The external hard-drive such as Seagate Expansion, Adata DashDrive is a portable device that can be used to store the personal data. Moreover, these handy hard-drives are vulnerable to virus contamination even in the presence of anti-virus software. And once the hard drive gets infected, then all of the user data become inaccessible or corrupt. For users who have no idea on how to recover data from virus infected external hard drive, it can be a real trouble! Therefore, in this article, we will illustrate possible solutions by which one can easily retrieve data from external hard disk drive. Before that let’s go through some real-life problems that are faced by the users while dealing with virus-infected external hard-drive. Let’s get started!

User Queries:

I have so many business projects and related documents on my external hard disk. Due to some virus, when I opened the external hard drive, I cannot find any of my project folders inside it. Although, when I type the name of the folders which are inside the hard drive in a search bar, I can view folder. So, please anyone can tell me how to recover hidden files from virus infected external hard drive?”

Yesterday, I transfer some video files from the computer of my friend to my Seagate external hard-drive. It worked well there. But, when I open it on my PC, my hard-drive became empty. However, the storage space is filled. Is it virus infected? If yes, then how to recover files from virus infected external hard drive? Especially, suggest a solution that can retrieve data from Seagate external hard drive. Help!”

Few days back, my external hard-drive gets corrupted when I attached it to my friend system. This is the second time when my drive gets virus infected. Now, I need a reliable external hard drive recovery software because I cannot afford data loss every time. If any of the tech bloggers know the recovery tool that can recover files from virus infected external hard drive, then please suggest”

Let’s have a look at the solution that can fix the data recovery problem from a virus infected external hard drive.

Method to Retrieve Data from External Hard drive

There are various reasons that are responsible for the corruption in external hard-disk. One of the biggest causes is when users plug-in the hard drive in the various system without scanning. As a result, the malicious virus gets into the hard drive and becomes corrupted. Below, the steps are described that can remove all of the unwanted problems related to virus-infected hard disk and retrieve inaccessible data:

Step #1: Recover Data From Virus Infected Hard-Disk

If a hard drive has suffered some serious damages like malware injection, file system damages etc., the first step is to retrieve the data from the disk. After that, remove the viruses with the help of anti-virus software. Now, the users’ question arises, how to recover data from virus infected hard drive. So, the answer is a reliable software, named as SysTools Hard Drive Recovery Software. It supports recovering files from internal as well as external hard-drives that are damaged. The user can easily choose the desired drive and can retrieve all the soft and hard deleted data from the hard-disk. Once a user recovers all the information from a virus-infected hard-drive, then he/she can remove a virus from the drive.

Moreover, it can successfully extract data from the IDE, EIDE, and SATA devices. Also, data recovery from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS file system is possible with this software. The added advantage of this tool is, it can provide the exact data and info-graphics after the recovery process. On the other hand, the hard-drive data, after anti-virus scanning gets distorted and scrambled that are not readable. So, it is beneficial to recover and save the copy of data before the anti-virus scanning. Recover data from virus infected external or internal hard drive just in few clicks as listed below:

1.    Download SysTools Software and Install
2.    Select hard drive partition and Scan
3.    Preview complete data (Also search required data by attribute)
4.    Save recovered data on your system

Step #2: Remove the Virus From the External Hard Drive

If the external hard drive is tainted with a virus, then there is a probability that the anti-virus software would detect it. However, if the anti-malware application does not automatically scan the hard drive, then perform it manually and retrieve data from virus infected hard drive.

To manually start the virus detecting process for an external hard-drive, the user need to right-click a volume and choose the scanning option from the menu. To do this follow the below instructions carefully:

1.    Install any anti virus Avast on your PC.
2.    Now, connect the external hard drive and click on the File Explorer.
3.    In This PC window, right-click the external hard drive volume. Pick the Scan option to continue the task.
4.    Once the scanning is complete, select the suitable option from panel to handle the detected viruses.
5.    After the viruses are eliminated, close the anti-virus window and start using the drive.

Closing Thoughts

In most virus-infected hard drive cases, the data is not gone forever. One can need to choose the correct measure to retrieve the missing, deleted or inaccessible data. If the data is very important and the user cannot afford a data loss risk, then use the reliable Data Recovery Software. It will definitely help the users and recover files from virus infected external hard drive.
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