Be A Pro At Pitching Your Guest Post : Here's How

Be a Pro at Pitching Your Guest Posts

Writing for the first time ever for a blog or website?

Then you need to know how to pitch your articles well. Here are a few strategies for perfectly pitching your writings through!

Guest Post

    Decide on what you are writing and research it thoroughly. Look at every piece of content available on the internet and find the similarities with your article. If what you are thinking of writing is already available elsewhere as a single document, then you need to think of something else. You can take your changes if your content is available in different sites as a part of separate article. Plagiarism never works!

·     After you have written an article/blog, check it for spelling mistakes and grammar. Any content with errors will have a lower probability of selection.

·     Before sending the article, learn about the website for which you are writing. Check out the types of blogs/articles they publish and try to match yours with their pattern. Also learn about the articles most followed so that you can make the necessary changes to your article.

·        Next thing you have to do is the most important one – impressing the editor. The email that you compose matters the most.

-   Be careful with the subject line. Write something that catches attention – something that will make the reader curious enough to read it further. But make sure you do not write something that will repulse the reader.

-     Use appropriate salutation. You can use Hi/Hello sir if you intend to be too formal or you can simply use Hi/Hello with their name.

-   Briefly introduce yourself and explain why you want to write for that particular website. Include the things that you learned from the research about the website. This will impress the editor.

-   Next, give a brief summary about what you have written in your article. Include why you chose the topic and why should it be published in their website. You have to convince the editor that your article is fit for the website and worthy of being published.

-       Include your name and contact information at the end of the email.

·      Follow up. After you have sent out the email, keep in touch with the respective person and don’t give up. If you get no reply even after many weeks, try at other places. There are a lot of websites waiting to publish you if you are good at what you do. So don’t ever lose hope.

Finally, keep in mind that you have to sell your article. So don’t write about how you are benefitted from writing for the website; write about how the website is benefitted from your article. Write about how your article will be perceived by its readers, what it will do for the visitors of the website and what it can do to bring the visitors back to the website’s page again!

Be confident about what you are speaking. If you believe in yourself, your words will have that authority to make others enamoured by them. Your self-belief is what will give you success.
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