Gadgets For Girls : Top 10 Pink Smartphones For Girls

Gadgets for girls: Top 10 pink smartphones 2019:

Have you already thought about what to give your girlfriend for the New Year 2019? Not?! It's time to start thinking about it. After all, as the old belief says how you will meet the New Year so you will spend it. And in order to meet him well you need to lay a good foundation, that is, choose a good gift for your girlfriend or wife. The surefire option of a good gift has always been and is a new smartphone. This year there have been many interesting new products, each of which will be a great idea for the New Year's gift in 2019. But today we will talk only about smartphones for girls in 2019, and be more precise, only about pink smartphones in 2019.

1) Google Pixel 3

And we will begin our review of pink smartphones 2019 with the most non-pink news of this year. Each new generation of Pixel gets new colors and this year, the third generation has got the color Not Pink.

2) Samsung Galaxy A9 2018

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pink For Girls

Another unusual smartphone in an unusual pink color was introduced on October 11 by Samsung. The Galaxy A9 2018 is the first smartphone with four cameras. What's so special about pink Samsung Galaxy A9 2018? Gradient colors have become the fashion trend of this year, and the new Samsung looks gorgeous in a gradient pink

3) Huawei P20 Pink and P20 Lite Pink

Gradient colors became fashionable thanks to Huawei. In 2018, the P20 model became a technical revolution in the world of smartphones, for which it was noted by EISA experts as the best gadget of 2019. Gradient pink P20, not as rich and bright as the A9. He is more gentle and light.
In addition, the P20 has a Lite version. It is cheaper and easier to equip. Nevertheless, functionally and technically, it corresponds to its older version.

4) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Purple

Yes, he is definitely not pink, he is purple. But this is Galaxy Note 9. And he can be forgiven for the fact that instead of pink he has a light magenta shade.

5)Sony Xperia XZ2 Coral Pink

Also, their pink smartphones 2019 presented and Sony. At the beginning of the year, the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact were presented in pink. In addition, they deserve attention not only because of the pink color. This is one of the best smartphones with stereo speakers in 2019. Moreover, it is also one of the most productive smartphones in 2019. Check all mobile phone prices in pakistan.

6) LG G7 ThinQ Raspberry Rose

Like the XZ2, the LG G7 ThinQ has impressive performance and good stereo speakers. And he also has a pink tint. But unlike the others presented here, this is not a gradient or a gentle Rose Gold, this is a bright and saturated Raspberry Rose.

7) Xiaomi Mi 8

Moreover, its pink smartphones 2019 showed Xiaomi. The latest innovations of the brand are two models Mi 8 Lite and Mi 8 Pro. Both new Xiaomi received gradient pink colors. Lite version has a brighter gradient. While the Pro version has a more subtle and less catchy tone.
In addition, this is not all pink Xiaomi, which appeared in 2019. The range of the brand this year has replenished with at least 9 pink smartphones. But apparently they are not much different from each other.

8) UleFone Armor X

This pink smartphone 2019 will be a great gift for active girls on account of which no broken smartphone. This model is not only shockproof but is also protected from water according to the IP68 standard. In principle, like many of the above.

9) LeEco Le Pro3 X651

If you are looking for a budget option, and not one of Xiaomi is to your taste, then perhaps LeEco Le Pro3 X651 is what you are looking for. The model has a large display, 4 GB of RAM, dual camera, 4000 mAh battery, and USB C port.

10) AEKU C6

But if you want to hint to your beloved that she sits too much on Instagram, you can give her AEKU C6. In size, it is no more than a credit card. In terms of functionality, this is just a phone from which you can call and send a message. AEKU C6 is a good one for those who need an additional phone with minimal functionality.
So, these are top 10 pink smartphones for girls.
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