5 Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

Live streaming applications allow us to show directly and without editing what we are doing or what is happening in a particular place. They are a great way to make yourself known and for our followers to see us as we really are, but what are the best applications? Here we tell you.

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a social network that is increasing every minute, so far it has more than 200 million users around the world. We can use it to find people of our interest, use the location function to find people around us and of course create live streams and short videos. If we are gamers we can also share our games live.


If Bigo Live allows us to broadcast our games live, Twitch is developed for this specific purpose. It is the largest community of gamers , no matter if our favorite game is League of Legends, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite or even Brawl Stars , here we can find our place. It allows us to chat with the best gamers in the world while enjoying their games live and direct.


We cannot name video applications without naming the eternal YouTube. By far the most used video application in the world has its function to broadcast live and is very easy to use. It also has a section called gamming YouTube exclusively for gamers. If we want to see the live broadcasts of our favorite youtubers we just have to activate the bell of that channel to know when it starts its transmission.


Instagram launched Live Stories in 2016. This function is active for all users from the application. To broadcast a live story, we simply slide to the right inside the application and tap on the "live" option. If it does not appear we may have an old version of the application so we must update Live stories are interactive so that anyone who is watching live can leave their comments and emotions to be seen by the person who is broadcasting.


Facebook took longer than expected to activate this feature, but finally it did. Facebook Live is a function that despite not being as famous as Instagram stories or YouTube live stories, belongs to the most used social network in the world and for this reason has great popularity.

As in a normal Facebook post we can make a live broadcast for the entire public or for a specific group .

There are many applications to broadcast live like Hotstar. You can Download Hotstar Apk to get free live sports, movies and more fun stuffs and it depends on what we want to achieve and the type of content we want to transmit, will serve us more than another.
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