5 Reasons Why You Need an Email Security

Are you sure your email is secure? When was the last time you evaluated your email security? You might be satisfied with the current security of your email system hosted internally by your email provider. Let me pop the bubble for you. It’s not enough.

Reasons Why You Need an Email Security

Security breaches are more common than ever. And the interesting fact is that the threats are mostly delivered via email. Do you really want to compromise on your email security? Even if you are using the best email provider, you are responsible for the security measures yourself.

What’s In Our Emails These Days?

Don’t underestimate what you carry in your email these days. The world is turning global thanks to the wide availability of Internet plans like Spectrum TV Plans and the use of smartphones.

Emailing has become the foundation of our daily communication now. Whether it is applying to a job, making an appointment with a hospital, or bank details, everything happens on emails. A large chunk of personal information is saved in our emails. And cybercriminals are after that information.

We could land into full-scale identity theft. Would you still want to compromise on email security?

5 Reasons Why You Need Email Security 

These 5 reasons explain why email security must be considered as a top priority:  

#1: Email Is the Most Common IT Security Threat

Hackers always target emails. They use tactics such as phishing, malware, and BEC attacks to deliver harmful programs to an organization.

According to the SANS cybersecurity survey, 75% of the impactful threats were executed through email attachments. 46% of the attacks were initiated when a user clicks a link sent via email.

Source: https://www.sans.org/reading-room/whitepapers/analyst/membership/37157

#2: Email-Based Threats Are Putting Organizations at Risk

Since it is the primary entry source for cybercriminals, originations have to be extra careful. 91% of the hackers attack with phishing. But if an email security system is at the place, it can recognize as well as block the phishing attacks.

#3: Your Job Could Be at Stake

Cyber breaches affect a company’s reputation no doubt. If an employee is responsible for it, it could cost them their livelihood. It is not just the entry-level employees, the IT security staff and even the c-level executives could end up losing their jobs if a cyber-attack is initiated because of their negligence.

#4: Email Security Filters Are Effective in Catching Threats

Email defense systems are not predictive rather, they are reactive. They have anti-spam capabilities. They amass the comprehensive threat intelligence database and use AI to perform real-time analysis of
emails, attachments, and URLs that are suspicious. With email security filters in use, threats could be caught and damage can be prevented beforehand.

#5: Hackers Are Getting Clever Every Single Day

Hackers are increasingly coming up with ways to bypass the basic email security systems. Organizations will have to use sophisticated email defenses to detect and stop threats.
Garter says that advanced threats are easily being bypassed by the basic mechanism for email security.

Companies need to use specialized product tailored for a specific attack to enhance protection.

Email Security Tips to Follow

Now the question is how can you improve your email security? Here are some email security tips to follow on personal and organizational levels:

• Keep personal and business email accounts separate. Never put all your eggs in the same basket. When you bring all activities into a single account, if a criminal breaks into it, you could suffer from some serious loss. Therefore, it’s always best to keep separate accounts.

• Always use a strong password made from special characters, numbers, and alphabets. Don’t create a password after your date of birth, your name or the name of any of your family member.

• Phishing scams have become a lot common. You have to be aware of what they are. In a phishing scam, a malicious user impersonates a high profile website. They might say they are experiencing trouble with your Facebook account, for instance. To fix that, you need to send them your username and password. They might even include a link to a false website. Keep in mind high profile websites never ask for your credentials on email.

• Whenever you see an unknown email with links, never click on them. 99% of the times they contain a malicious link to a virus.


Do not take email security lightly. You would always evaluate the Spectrum Internet only cost before choosing any bundle for Internet right? Then why not pay the same kind of attention to email security?

Follow the rules set within your organization to stay on top of email security.
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